Honey, honey, honey! Product of the Week

So this week my product of the week is Forever Living Bee Honey.

One of my wonderful customers ordered it and has already given some amazing feedback about the taste (Check out my facebook www.facebook.com/aloetheremum to see her review) but it got me thinking about all of the health benefits of honey. After writing this and reading my customer’s review of the taste, I have already put my order in for my pure honey.

1. Treating infections

Honey has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which act as a shield against infections. If the infection is internal, take a spoonful a day (especially effective on mouth/throat infections). If the infection is external, apply some honey topically and cover with a piece of gauze to prevent everything else from getting sticky.

2. Lowering cholesterol

In recent years, the disastrous effects of high (bad) cholesterol have been highly publicised. But did you know that honey can reduce bad cholesterol? AND even improve good cholesterol? Just one tablespoon a day for a month and you will notice a difference in your levels.

3. Stomach problems

Because it fights germs and has antioxidant properties, take a spoonful of honey a day (even better if its diluted in warm water) can help to cure stomach complications. The best thing is that there are no side effects so it’s safe for children (over 1 year of age) and it’s delicious at the same time.

4. Energy Boost

Due to its naturally occuring antioxidants, honey works wonders for energy levels and also boosting your immune system. One spoonful of honey every day in the colder months can even stave off colds. Perfect for mums who don’t have time to stop!

5. Skincare

Apply honey directly on to spots and its antibacterial and antiseptic properties will help them heal quickly. It can also reduce the appearance of acne scars by applying it and leaving it overnight. It’s also great for a natural exfoliating scrub when mixed with oatmeal.

6. Weight Loss

Having a spoonful of honey every morning reduces sugar cravings for the rest of the day. Fantastic for those of us who need a sugar boost!

7. Morning sickness/nausea

Feeling sick is the worst. It affects every aspect of your life. But a drink made up of a spoonful of honey, warm water and lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar) before bed should relieve feelings of nausea and prevent vomiting.

8. Soothing for asthma sufferers

Honey is fantastic for coughs and throat infections and it can also soothe mucous membranes and prevent mucus buildup which is a symptom of asthma. This can provide some relief for sufferers.

9. Dandruff

Use honey as a hair mask for an hour once a week for a month and you will notice a dramatic difference in dandruff flakes. The overall condition of your hair will also be improved.

10. Diabetics

A healthy alternative to artificial sweeteners, honey doesn’t increase the sugar in the bloodstream and it is safe for diabetics. Always best to check with your doctor if you suffer from a long term health condition though.

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