Five of the best natural baby products

We all want to protect our baby’s delicate skin from harsh chemicals; it’s just what we do as mums right? We want nothing but the best. These are the five products that I’ve swapped into our baby boy’s routine which have been absolutely amazing.

  1. Aloe Vera Soap – Super gentle for all types of sensitive skin but especially good for babies. I just put a pump in the bath for lots of bubbly fun. It’s got a nice, natural scent and gives baby bum that fresh baby smell.
  2. Aloe Vera Gelly – This one has been absolutely amazing for teething! When baby bum’s teeth are coming through or even moving inside his gums, he’s the biggest grumpy grump bag ever (obviously this is the censored version of my thoughts!). It’s really cooling so helps to soothe the pain without the need for medication. Also, my friend’s baby had cradle cap and this helped to clear it up really quickly. Basically, this one can be used for any large areas of dryness or when you need to cool your babba down.
  3. Aloe Lips – Now this one might sound a bit weird… no I haven’t been putting lip balm on my boy’s lips. But I have been putting it everywhere else! When they are so tiny and have dryness in their tiny crevices, it’s difficult to find a cream that you can easily apply and won’t rub off quickly. That’s why I tried this lip balm. It’s easy to apply because it’s only small and the thicker nature of it means it doesn’t just rub off! A life saver for dryness in small patches. It’s also great to pop in the changing bag to apply throughout the day without taking up tonnes of space.
  4. Aloe Propolis Creme – If your baby has ever had nappy rash, you need to know about this product. It’s made from propolis which is made by bees. It’s an amazing healer! I hate putting harsh chemicals on my boy’s skin and wasn’t impressed when the hospital suggested Metanium. It absolutely stinks, is full of chemicals and is difficult to get off your hands (I felt like I smelt of this for weeks!). When I tried propolis creme, his poor bottom healed much more quickly and got back to being super soft while my hands got a little moisturising treat. I don’t get time to use hand cream these days so it was a nice little bonus for me!
  5. Aloe Heat Lotion – I’ve held back on sharing about this product because I wanted to give it some time. I have tried absolutely everything to make baby bum sleep: white noise sensors, white noise all night, swaddling, sleeping bags, comforters, Lush sleepy, baby massage, lavendar essential oil, plug ins. There is not many products I haven’t tried! I read a post online where someone suggested to put this on the bottom of baby’s feet after their bath to help them sleep. My boy has not slept more than three hours in his entire life without waking up for milk (he is now 1!). Since starting put a 5 pence sized amount on his feet before bed and rubbing it in a circular motion, he has been sleeping for stretches between 6 and 10 hours! I feel like a completely different woman!

What other natural products have you tried for your baby? Have you had any slightly odd ones that have worked like me?

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Much love guys and gals xx